Course Closure

After a course inspection, green keepers advice and the weather forecast for the rest of the week.
The course will be CLOSED until Monday the 9th of April.

This decision was not taken lightly but we must allow the course time to recover and playing on the course in its current state would only damage it.

This also means that the Season Starter Stableford ( Sat 7th) will be postponed.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

125th Anniversary Memberships

To celebrate our 125th Anniversary in 2018, Canwick Park Golf Club would like to offer a special once in a lifetime membership deal to new members;

Join now for just £400 (regular 2018 membership expected to be £750) and enjoy full access through March 2019, including the remainder of this playing year.

Canwick Park is a challenging parkland course situated just outside Lincoln with a friendly membership, fully stocked clubhouse & bar, regular competitions for ladies, gents & seniors as well as stunning scenery and views of Lincolnshire.

We welcome all enquiries from groups or individuals looking for a regular group to play with; please contact the Manager for more details.

A Success for Canwick Park Golf Club Ladies Section

Canwick Park Golf Club ladies are extremely proud to be the winners of the
Ladies Lincolnshire Handicap League Div 2 South for 2017.
This is their third consecutive win in as many years.
As Division 4 South league winners in 2015, they were promoted to Division 3
South and following their Division 3 win in 2016 they were promoted to
Division 2 South. The team are now looking forward to playing in Division 1 in 2018.

Congratulations to all the team players!

If you are interested in joining  a very friendly & successful ladies section,
please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lincolnshire Ladies Handicap League 2017 Victory

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Canwick Park Ladies who have just won Division 2 (South) in the Lincolnshire Ladies Handicap League for 2017.

This is their 3rd consecutive win in as many years, rising from Division 4, through Division 3 and now Division 2, gaining promotion to Division 1 for the 2018 season. What a great achievement for the club!

Thank you to all the team members:
Helen Bradshaw
Lotta Brewer
Sue Brown (Lady Captain)
Janice Craig
Gillian Holder
Margaret Hope
Jayne Mitchell
Karen Moore
Sandy Rawlins
Sue Smith
Chris Thornley

Wishing the team every success for the 2018 season.

Lincolnshire Super Sixes Secondary School Golf Competition

Tuesday 21st June saw Canwick Park host the 2017 Lincolnshire Super Sixes Secondary School Golf Competition. The course was in excellent condition, with the weather a welcome shade cooler than the days before.

On Wednesday morning, BBC Radio Lincolnshire broadcast a piece about the event; if you missed it and would like to catch up please visit the following link and skip to the 2 hour 14 minute mark:

Click to open BBC Radio Lincolnshire programme in a new tab

Available until 12pm Friday 21st July 2017

The full results were as follows:

Summer Standards

From Saturday the 8th April (weather permitting) the course will return to full summer standards, just in time for the ‘Season Starter Stableford’.

Captains’ Drive-In Match Report

A fantastic day in the sun and a brilliant turn out for the Captains’ tee off.

A great start to the new Captains’ year saw the sun shining on a large number of well wishers who turned up to participate in the fun of the Captains’ Drive-In. The competition between the two teams was intense culminating in a draw on the 18th hole.

The men’s betterball was won by John Sinclair and Chris Enderby with a magnificent 48 points.

The ladies was won by Charlotte McCracken and Jayne Mitchell with a very respectful 43 points.

Thank you for such a great turnout and good luck for this coming year.

Vincent Gilman-Abel

Club AGM

The Club AGM will be held in the clubhouse at 7pm on the 1st March 2017.

Invoices for this year will be available as usual to collect.

Greens Update September 2016

Steve Webster (Head Greens Keeper) was invited to update the Board regarding the Course.

He reported that the course is currently undergoing normal maintenance for the time of the year, grass is again growing fast and that Top Dressing is booked to be carried out on the 19th September.

This will disrupt the Greens for a couple of weeks. The Course in general is ok, Greens are very good and no complaints have been received recently. Dean Moore complimented the staff on the work that they had undertaken during the Summer.

Steve reported that Craig Waite had been unable to make a recently arranged meeting for the new Greens Committee.

Tony Thornley asked if the Sprinkler system was ok? Steve explained that some irrigation had been needed but not much this year with some attention being given to the 2nd,8th, 9th, 17th and 18th as they are the dry Greens.

The only Green giving any concern is the 9th as this is regularly attacked by Crows and needs regular repair. Arrangements have been made for Shooting to take place beginning tomorrow over the next few weeks with an aim of reducing damage as much as possible.

Tony Thornley asked if we still had the Gas Gun which scares the birds away? We only have One of these guns and we really need a number to be effective. Complaints are also received from the Canwick residents when we use the system.

Crows are beginning to cause some damage to the 6th fairway looking for Chafer grubs. Most of the damage has appeared to date within the Practice Field area which is being left to grow out.

Dean Moore suggested that we do not waste our time on the Practice field and spend the man hours that we have concentrating on the main Course.

It is suggested that we re use the space between the 6th, 7th and 8th fairways as a small practice space for members for the time being and leave the new practice field behind the tree cover off the 6th to its own natural growth.

Tony Thornley and other Board members asked that the part time lad (Adam) who had been working here over the Summer months be thanked for the efforts that he has made. All felt that as a result of his work alongside the two full time employees that the Course had been in good shape for the main Summer Season.

Tony asked that he be kept up to date with any new Greens Committee meeting planned so that he could attend the next one.

Steve Webster was asked about the Crow/Chafer grub issue.

Steve  explained that the Chafer grubs life cycle varies and although last year we did not see many problems this year looks as if it will be difficult.

There are no legal chemicals available any longer to deal with the grub. We are fairly fortunate that the strong grass growth at Canwick means that damage usually repairs itself within a couple of months.

Peter Musson asked if there were likely to be any problems clearing leaf from the ground this coming early Autumn? Steve explained that the only restrictions would arise if the old tractor that we use to pull the leaf collection unit around the Course failed mechanically.

The two tractors that we have at Canwick are very old and are prone to problems and of course when these issues arise spare parts prove very difficult to find. The main concern relating to the tractor used for this work is the clutch.

Dean asked how much a new tractor would cost the Club? Steve said that a good second hand one would be in the region of 12k – 14k.

Tony asked that we make sure that next years budget allows for machine maintenance to take place earlier than thist year which caused a number of complaints to be received from members about the condition of the Course in the early Spring.

Gordon explained that as mentioned before the financial delays asked for this year were a one off advantage for the Club which were worth some £5000 in VAT costs.

The budget will plan to begin the main machine maintenance in February 2017 ensuring that the Course is prepared early for the Season.

Dean Moore explained that he would be taking a long look at the competition start dates for 2017 as it would appear that there would be advantages in starting the season later and finishing it later.

This is based upon the past few years experience where the UK’s weather seasons appear to have moved slightly from previous times.

Steve was thanked for his attendance and insight into the Course.

This article was previously on the front page.