Course guide

The course at Canwick park offers an excellent and enjoyable challenge to golfers of all ages, genders and abilities! Our parkland course sits just outside the city of Lincoln and offers superb views towards the city.

The guide below gives you a brief description of the holes on the course.

Course hole-by-hole guide

Hole 1: A long par 5 to offer an immediate challenge. Keep it straight and true!
Hole 2: A par 4 with water to the right – a good line on the tee shot allows an approach onto the green.
Hole 3: Coming back towards the clubhouse, Canwick hill begins to come into play on this par 4.
Hole 4: A further par 4, where players are rewarded for hitting straight. Avoid going right and out of bounds!
Hole 5: A tricky par 3, lined on the right with dense forest and a declining drop to the left.
Hole 6: A short par 4 offers a chance of a good score, but don’t go too far to the right…and in the woods.
Hole 7: A par 3 and the shortest hole on the course, at the furthest point away from the clubhouse. Bunkers aplenty!
Hole 8: A wide fairway allows lots of forgiveness, but danger lurks again to anyone venturing too far right.
Hole 9: A par 4, with the hill pushing the ball left – a good line required off the tee.
Hole 10: The hill plays a big part here off the tee – go too far right and you’ll keep on going and going.
Hole 11: Through the hedge line, this par 4 rewards a straight tee shot with an approachable green.
Hole 12: A tough par 4 that takes you slightly up-hill. A tricky challenge to stay on the fairway!
Hole 13: A long par 3 into a closely guarded green. Accuracy is king on this hole.
Hole 14: A really tough hole after the previous par 3, this par 4 is not easy at all.
Hole 15: A par 4 where a good drive avoiding the fairway bunkers is rewarded with an easier green approach.
Hole 16: Another par 4, with danger both sides. Hit straight through the gap and you’ll be fine.
Hole 17: Approaching the business end now, this par 4 brings the hill into play once again, making a good line key.
Hole 18: The final hole, this par 4 is where it’s won or lost. Water hazards, trees and hills add complication with the pressure!

Download the Score Card in .PDF format here.