Canwick Park Seniors Golf

We have a thriving Seniors’ section within the golf club, open to all club members aged 55 years and over – current membership is approximately 80 seniors.

An annual fee of £5 is required for membership which is used to defray the costs of events such as ‘Days Out’ visits to other clubs for golf and meals, the Seniors’ Annual Dinner held in December, and the purchase and engraving of competition trophies.


Seniors’ Committee  2017

An elected Seniors Golf Committee meets every second month to discuss and act upon all Seniors Golf issues. An Annual General Meeting for the Seniors Golf membership is held each December. Committee members for 2016 are:

Chairman:              Dave Wright                                        Secretary:                 John Smith

Captain:                  David Jones                                         Days Out:                 Bob Taylor

Vice-Captain:         Dennis French                                    Open Day:                Dave Jones

Treasurer:               Gerry Page                                   Social and Web Page     Len Charlton

Board Rep.             Peter Marris                                          Knock Outs             Ken Rapley


Seniors Matches

We seniors play a number of home and away matches during the spring/summer with other clubs in the county. These take the form of 4-ball match-play team games. Obviously, each team wishes to win but these are essentially friendly, social meetings where we play the game we love and afterwards gather for drinks and a meal. Any Senior can play – a notice is posted for each match, those wishing to play my enter their name – first come first served.

Our match calendar for 2016 is tabled below:

2017 Seniors’ Match Fixtures





22 Mar


 W  5 – 1


28 Mar


 L  3.5 – 4.5

Laceby Manor

19 Apr 


 L 5.5 – 2.5

Welton Manor

03 May


 W 5.5 – 2.5





Ramsdale Park

26 May


 L    7  – 1

Toft Hotel

09 Jun


 W  5  –  2

Seniors V Ladies

12 Jun


 W  5  –  1


19 Jun



Ramsdale Park

30 Jun


 W  6 – 2

Toft Hotel

06 Jul


 L  2.5 – 5.5

Laceby Manor

12 Jul


 H  4  – 4

Welton Manor

19 Jul


 L  7  –  1










09 Aug


 H 4.5 – 4.5


15 Aug


 W 5 –  1


30 Aug


 W 6 –  2


11 Sept








 20 Sept


 L 5.5 – 3.5














Seniors Competition Schedule

We also enjoy a busy season of competitions – medals, stablefords, knockouts and others. There are plenty of qualifying games scheduled and others. Entry for each competition is £2 per player, half of which is allocated to prize money, and half supplements the purchase of trophies for winners.

We also schedule charity games when all contributions are voluntary and passed on to nominated charities. During the winter months we play a number of less traditional non-qualifier competitions.

A list of summer season competitions is given in the following table.

2017 Seniors’ Competitions




Par Competition

7 Apr



April Stableford

24 Apr

 Dave Jones (Capt).

 41 pts

May Stableford

8 May

 Peter Marris

 37 pts

Arthur Lussey Trophy (Pairs)

12 May

 Tony Crawshaw and Peter Marris

 46 pts





Ray Cliffe  Trophy 18+ H’cap

21 July

 Steve Swain

 36 pts

May Medal

31 May

 Stewart McCracken

 Net 68

June Stableford

05 Jun

 Mike Henderson 

 39 pts

Seniors’ Cup

26 Jun

 Dave jones (Capt).

 38 pts

July Stableford

28 July 

Dave jones (Capt).

 36 pts





Eric Orton Shield

4 Aug

 Bill Howard

 37 pts

August Stableford

23 Aug

Weather washed out.


Senior Seniors’ Cup (Age 75+)

01 Sep

 Ray Baker

 36 pts

September Medal

15 Sep

 Brian Clough

Net 74 




 September Stableford

 25 Sept

 Gerry Page

 39 pts


 Freddie Holloway Memorial Putter




 Seniors’ Day out at North Shore Golf Club.  Played June 14th on a fine sunny day by the sea.  The winner with a Stableford score of 33 was  Joe Kellerher .

Seniors Day out at Retford Played Sept 14th.  Won by Peter Marris with  39 points.


Our knockout competitions, listed below, are played during the summer months.

Competition                               Format                            Winners

The Friendship Trophy           Singles Matchplay

The Bill Heeley Cup                  4-Ball Matchplay

Roll-Up Golf

On a less formal note all Seniors Golf members are most welcome to join in our “roll up and play” sessions held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings throughout the year. This is a great way for members to get to meet others and enjoy a morning of golf.  Don’t be late though; its “balls in the hat” by 07:45 and finish in time for lunch!


Join Us
To join our merry band or to seek further details about Seniors’ Golf at Canwick Park, please contact    John Smith on:     01522 800262,  07845 942267  or


Please visit the club calendar for all  club fixtures and events, and keep up-to-date in the news area.